Metro Co., Ltd.


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About Us

The company's activities include the manufacturing of steel bars, steel rod and wire, galvanized iron sheet, wheat flour, bran, premixes, tapioca flour, chemical fertilizers and agro-chemicals. Imports include industrial chemicals, steel scraps, ingot, steel sheets, lubricating oil, food chemicals and ingredients, and information technology equipments.

Incorporated since July 31, 1968 with capital of Baht 1 million, the company has continuously expanded its original import business to cover intensive diversification, including manufacturing chemical fertilizers, steel products, wheat flour and tapioca flour. More than 20 subsidiaries are under the umbrella of Metro Co., Ltd. and are recognized as the Metro Group. The current capital of Metro Co., Ltd. is Baht 300 million. Metro Company's major shareholders are the Laohathai family, the Sethpornpong family and the Tangtrongsakdi family.