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About Us

Raks Thai Foundation (RTF) emerged on August 15, 1997, succeeding CARE International (Thailand), with Dr. Krasae Chanawongse leading as the founding Chairperson of RTF and continuing as Chair of the Executive Board to the present day (2024).

Our vision is to cultivate a Civil Society where the quality of life, rights, and equality are enhanced, enabling individuals to chart their own destinies and fostering sustainable development.

RTF is committed to strengthening the capacity of marginalized communities to identify root causes of their challenges, develop appropriate solutions, and actively engage in developmental initiatives.

Core Values:
At the heart of our work lie our core values encapsulated in the acronym CLEAR:

• Caring: We deeply care for and empathize with the communities we serve.
• Leadership: We strive to lead by example, inspiring positive change and progress.
• Empowerment: We empower disadvantaged groups to take control of their own futures.
• Accountability: We uphold transparency and accountability in all our endeavors.
• Respect: We respect the dignity, diversity, and autonomy of every individual we work with.

Rep/Contact Info

Phornslin Boonyung
Resources Development Officer
Nichcha Toraktrakul
Director of Resources Development