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Why Wine from GFour Food and Beverage?
GFour Food and Beverage is renowned for its commitment to importing only the finest wines to Thailand, ensuring that every bottle bears the hallmark of exceptional quality and taste. As the premier importer of exquisite wines, GFour takes pride in presenting a meticulously curated selection that promises to delight even the most discerning palates.

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Please present a picture of your membership card when using the services to receive discounts and privileges; an example of the AMCHAM Membership card is shown below. In order to request a membership card, please email:  membership@amchamthailand.com

About Gfour Food and Beverage
Founded in 2003 by the visionary Mr. Luca di Filippo, GFour Food & Beverage is a testament to the passion for wine and art that has driven its founder, who serves as the CEO and Director of the company.

The roots of our company extend back to 1939 when Mr. Tonino di Filippo, the grandfather of Mr. Luca di Filippo, initiated the family’s journey in the world of wines by establishing a wine shop in Milano and venturing into the distribution of wines and spirits.

The pivotal moment arrived in 2003 with the establishment of GFour Fine Wines, marking the onset of a dedicated focus on importing top-tier wines. GFour swiftly secured distribution exclusivity from renowned wineries, supplying premium establishments such as high-end restaurants and hotels across Thailand. Over the past two decades, the company has meticulously crafted a reputation for delivering exceptional wines, solidifying its presence as a stalwart in Thailand’s wine distribution landscape. From the vineyards to the glasses of discerning patrons, GFour has consistently been a pioneering force, introducing Thailand to a world of fine wines that transcend the ordinary sensory experience.

In 2023, GFour underwent a strategic corporate restructuring, signaling a broader vision for the future. Mr. Luca Di Filippo, the founder and CEO, joined forces with Mr. Luca Bernardinetti, the new President of the GFour group of companies, and Khun Vilasinee Thephasadin Na Ayuthaya, the new COO. This strategic partnership marked the inception of GFour’s foray into the food division, expanding its offerings and solidifying its status as a holistic purveyor of culinary excellence.

Throughout its journey, GFour has forged a robust business foundation, boasting a widespread distribution network, a dedicated sales team, and enduring relationships with both private customers and corporations. The commitment to excellence and a discerning palate have made GFour synonymous with the finest wines, setting it apart as a trailblazer in the Kingdom of Thailand’s wine industry.

GFour Food & Beverage, as an importer, specializes in food and beverages from Italy, the European Union, and various other countries such as the USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Chile, Palestine, and Thailand.

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