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iam Motors Group is considered Thailand’s longest-established company in automotive industry and a pioneer that led the country’s automotive engineering to the world’s recognition. So far, the company has consistently delivered high-quality product and service to serve the Thai society and the world, while contributing to the country’s social and economic development.

Siam Motors Group is widely recognized the top leader in the country’s automotive industry with an extensive network of affiliates in ASEAN countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Malaysia) and around the globe. In addition to automobiles, the Group also takes business venture into various industries and prides itself as a top player in particular business.

Under the leadership of visionary management team, the company is endowed with effective operation and professional administration that is well-accepted by international partners, especially those from Japan, making it a multicultural and flexible organization.

Today, the company enjoys a consistent growth due to positive support from all of our best partners and now operates in six main business lines as follows: automotive, automotive parts, construction & industrial, hospitality & lifestyles, education, and investment.

It is our great pride to establish a great business that contributes to the society and the nation. We still hold on to our commitment and mission to build and develop new technologies and innovations to meet global standard and make the different for the Thai society and the world.


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Sebastien Dupuy
Vice President Corporate Chief Investment Officer
Lapatpidtimeon Thanakornsiththirat
Secretary to VP Corporate